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Lewis English Bulldogs  – Health Agreement/Contract

Lewis English Bulldogs  gives a ONE  year Health Agreement/Contract   for all puppies sold accompanied by an accurate medical history.  Puppies are checked by a veterinarian prior to delivery and are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of  the sale.  Puppies are up-to-date   on routine vaccinations for the age appropriate at the time of sale.  Buyer agrees to continue  vaccinations  until all routine vaccinations are given by 16 weeks of age.   To the best of our knowledge,  the puppies will be free of life threatening congenital birth defects.   Puppies are guaranteed against parvovirus, distemper, and hepatitis at the time of  this  sale.   This  guarantee does  not  include kennel cough,  hernias,  patella luxation, thyroid disfunction,   intestinal parasites, pneumonia, parvo, ear mites, skin mites, heat strokes, tear stains,   cherry eye,  mange of any type, entropion, ectropion,   loose hips, skin allergies, seasonal allergies,  coccidian, bacterial or viral infections,  elongated soft palette, nasal snares or any other non-life threatening conditions that bulldogs may develop as they age.  Minor, breed related treatable or correctable conditions,  or any conditions that may go away, or is considered to be a condition the puppy will likely to  outgrow  are NOT COVERED.      Male puppies sold are not guaranteed to have two   testicles  and the fertility will not be guaranteed for female puppies ,   as  all puppies are subject to changes during the  development stages of life.   Puppies are sold to be pet quality.    Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by their personal  Vet  within 3 working days   to assure they have purchased a healthy puppy.  If not done within 3 working days,  this health warranty/contract  is void.    All expenses incurred by the  Buyer’s  Vet  will be at the Buyer’s expense entirely.  If a life threatening condition is determined to be present by the Buyer’s Vet,  a written explanation from a licensed veterinarian, backed up by labs and x-rays are required to access the problem.   Also, a  second opinion from a  Vet  of  Lewis English Bulldogs'  choice would be required  to examine the puppy in order to honor  this Health Agreement/Contract.      If Lewis English Bulldogs determines there is a life threatening congential  condition,  the puppy , as well as all AKC papers, would need to be returned to Lewis English  Bulldogs    by the  Buyer.   NO CASH REFUNDS   WILL BE GIVEN,  however,  a replacement   puppy of  like  quality  will be given when available  back to the Buyer.   If the  puppy dies, an autopsy is required along with x-rays and blood work will need to be performed and paid for by the Buyer   to determine the exact cause of death.  If death is caused by a life threatening congential defect, a replacement puppy will be given to the Buyer when one is available.      Again,   NO  Cash or credit card  refunds will ever will be   given.      Any Vet expenses /  charges incurred by the puppy buyer at any time will be completely responsible to be paid by the Buyer.     DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.   I t   is the goal  of Lewis English Bulldogs  to produce  healthy,  happy,  well socialized puppies that  will  bring much joy to loving families.   If  for any reason the Buyer needs to re-home the  puppy,  they agree to give Lewis English Bulldogs  first option to help place the  puppy in a loving home.    Lewis English Bulldogs   asks that buyers feed a good quality NO GRAIN food  for the life of the dog.    We DO   REQUIRE   that puppies   be  kept on  the Nu Vet Plus Canine supplements  for at least   6  months of life  to assure a good nutritional base is established in the baby bulldog.  Failure to do this will automatically void this health agreement/contract.     This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation.    When ordering, give my  name and Order Code  24510 .  The Order line to call is  1-800-474-7044.  

This contract is not  transferable if original owner sells puppy to another owner or transfers ownership of puppy  for any reason.   It is strictly  between Seller and Buyer listed below at the time this Health Agreement/Contract is  excuted  by signatures.

This  Puppy Health Guarantee Contract   is issued under the laws of Hunt county and the State of Texas.  It is binding and proceeds all other contracts & laws

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