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Recommended Puppy Supplies are a nice soft fluffy bed,  stainless steel food and water dishes, a collar for  ID tags only,  halter and leash, nail clippers or grinders, a nice soft brush, a spray bottle to use in warm  weather  to help cool off your bully, lots of chew toys, a NO GRAIN puppy food for the first year of puppy's life, and lots of patience.   You may start feeding your puppy adult NO GRAIN food at one year old.  It's good to add Coconut Oil to food daily to enhance a shiny coat and support joint health.  The NuVet vitamin supplement is recommended for the first year of puppy's life to support immune health and healthy joints.   Hard boiled eggs  1/2 to one a day is also great as well as adding Ester Vit. C,  500 mg. daily for puppies and 1,000 mg. for adults to support a healthy immune system.  The NuVet Supplements may be ordered by website:   www.nuvet.com     using the order  code 24510.    Fresh water should be available at all times and it's best to feed small portions am and pm instead of one huge meal a day.    Adding cottage cheese and yogurt contributes to bone growth and digestive system health ( 1 teaspoon ) per feeding.

Training for your English Bulldog:  Early puppy training is essential  for  growth and good manners.  No one will like an unruly,  disobedient bulldog.    Enrolling your puppy in a Group Puppy Class is recommended.   AKC  offers an  AKC STAR PUPPY class that teaches basic commands and socialization.   

Potty Training:    When potty training your puppy, learn to watch for signs of sniffing, circling, etc.   Take your puppy out to the same area every time, when he wakes up in the morning, 5 minutes after a meal, and before bedtime.  Give your puppy lots of praise when he goes appropriately.  Don't scold unless you catch him in the actual act.  Doing so afterwards does not work!  Young puppies have very little muscle control over bladders for a long time.  Lots of patience is required.   

Grooming your puppy:    Brushing is key to a healthy shiny coat.  Baths are required as needed.  Choosing a shampoo should be a mild based soap, with oatmeal.   Do not use human shampoos.   Clean ears with a cotton ball or Q tip and be sure and do not go very far into the ear canal.  Wipe and clean puppy's bum *bottom"  and between toes.  Nails should be kept short.  Wrinkles should be kept clean and dry.  Baby wipes with aloe and good to use to wipe your puppy down every day.

Remember,  English bulldogs are  INSIDE dogs and should not be left outside for long periods of time either in Hot or Cold weather.  They have one layer of coat and cannot withstand extreme temperatures.  If your bulldog acts like he cannot get  his breath,  check his airway to make sure there is no obstruction.  Lemon juice is excellent to squirt  in the throat area to clear  mucous or  foreign bodies.     Any temperature above 80% could be hazardous to your bulldogs health.   Bulldogs do not swim well.  Always supervise around water.  If going to the pool or   lake,  buy a life jacket for your puppy.

Take care of the paw pads.  They can be burned by extreme heat  or cut by ice.


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